On Display

These images have been on display in galleries as part of exhibits by the Pioneer Valley Photographic Artists.

Most of them are now on display in my Exhibit at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary until February 27, 2018

Click on a picture to begin an interactive gallery show. Use the arrows on the screen or on your keyboard to change pictures. Click outside of a picture to exit the show.



On Display — 5 Comments

    • Hi David,
      Thanks for stopping by. Many of these I showed at past meetings before you joined. A couple I framed just in time for the show and I will try to remember to bring them in later when it comes down.

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    • Thanks Lani,

      I have been having trouble finding time to process and print, so not showing much at meetings. I have had some of these at past meetings and at least one was in my portfolio review when I was accepted.

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