I have had a lifelong love of nature and a deep interest in science. Scientific inquiry is the way we discover nature in depth.

We usually think of biology and perhaps geology when we think of nature, but I also think of the universe and astronomy. Our world and the living realm are a local manifestation of the cosmos. The principles discovered by the sciences of chemistry and physics set the stage on which the biological world performs. One of my deep areas of interest is where mathematical ideas help form an understanding and description of the natural world.

This web site will be a journey in discovering connections and patterns in our world.

Rose Galaxy

The home page image is a composite of a rose and the spiral galaxy M74. Both are examples of a logarithmic or equiangular spiral.  Many biological and physical processes give rise to this type of spiral.
For more information on these patterns click on the articles menu item and look for Fibonacci and Spirals in Nature.