Nature is more than “stunning” colors and improbably close encounters with wildlife. We go to nature for quiet moments and experiences that take us away from the busy concerns of the day. Our nature photographs should do the same for us, speaking softly with light and color that is gentle and true: giving us a moment as the elemental forces of geology and light interplay with the annual cycles of life; capturing the confluence of form, pattern, and color;  hinting at the interconnection of all things.

Nature photographs are the reminder of the feeling of a natural experience: the play of light on the patina of an old tree trunk, a bird in its habitat greeting the new day in song, the first taste of spring in the lingering light of a gently cool March evening.


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Pattern and Design in Nature.  I have always been fascinated by the way mathematics can be used to describe the working of the natural world. It is an underlying language of nature. I enjoy finding and showing the many variations on these themes.

Playing in the Light. When I’m out in the magic light time seems to stretch out and everyday concerns fade away. Photographing is a way to be even more immersed in the light and perhaps give others a glimpse of the magic.

Flowerworks: Something a little different! A celebration of color and form expressed in flowers.

On Display.  Prints that have been on display as part of group exhibitions of the Pioneer Valley Photo Artists and the Springfield Photographic Society.

Laughing Brook. Laughing Brook is a wildlife sanctuary run by Mass Audubon. I have taught and led nature walks there over the past 30 years. It is the former home of Thorton Burgess, a conservationist and prolific author of children’s stories between about 1920 and 1960. The gallery shows some of the nature delights that can be found along the trails. The habitat ranges from pond to woodland stream to upland forest and a couple of small fields

Berkshire Sanctuary. This is conservation land owned by my friends. I am able to stay there occasionally and immerse myself in the richness of the area. I believe that similar forms of beauty can be found in many places in New England.

Hidden-Unexpected Worlds. Often we glance or maybe never look because we don’t expect anything. These expectations can hide nature’s treats as surely as if they were covered with a blanket. Nature provides color, interesting creatures, and other wonders in more places that we imagine.

Nature in Detail: Exploring Through the Lens. Looking at small bits of nature opens up a whole new world of seeing and enjoying nature. These small gems are all around us waiting to be discovered.

Recent Additions. This is a gallery for new uploads that will go into an existing gallery. They will be here for a while so anyone who has seen the galleries can easily find the new additions.

Stump Sprouts: Views from the Stump Sprouts Lodge in Hawley, Mass where the Springfield Naturalists’ Club spends a weekend every September.

November: A celebration of the beauty of the month. People’s complaints about winter are VERY premature in November.