Quabbin Photo Club Field trip

Update:  There was mentioned the possibility of a Thursday trip, but due to low numbers confirming and other projects, the Thursday trip is cancelled.


As described in the email distributed last week, there will be a field trip to the Dean pond area of Brimfield State Forest coming up later this week.  We will meet at 9 am at the parking lot.  Be aware that the lot is closed and it will be a good idea to carpool.

If you are coming south from Palmer on rt 32:

A bit past a BP station and diner on the left will be Chestnut Street (also on left). There will be a sign pointing toward camping.  There is a small medical center on the corner.  Take a left here. (I forget if there is a street sign)

Just over the RR tracks is a stop sign, make a slight left.  Follow this for about 3 miles from rt 32.  Dean Pond road will be on the right.

Unfortunately there is no sign from this direction.  You will be coming down a long hill and around a bend. There will be a mailbox and a white house on the right.  Turn right here.  If you overshoot you will come out to rt 20.  Turn around and there will be a sign.

Follow Dean pond Road through tornado devestation, past a small parking area near a waterfall, and the parking lot (gate closed) will be on the right. There is room for 4-5 cars across from this.  My car is a grey VW.

If you are coming “over the mountain” to Monson, you will get on 32 a bit south of Chestnut.  Turn left at the church.  The medical center and Chestnut Street will be on the right.  The follow directions as above.

If you are using GPS, beware:  Neither Google or Mapquest seem to know where this is.  If you program for Sutcliff road it will get you close enough.

Earlier this year, the entrance to Dean Pond Rd was closed.  It has been open the last few times I checked.  If it is closed, backtrack to East Hill Road and take a left.  Follow East Hill thru a tornado devestated neighborhood, past Westview farms and past Koran farms.  Take a left at the crossroad which is Munn Road.  Follow this.  There will be a large pond with dead trees on the right, just past this is Sutcliff Road on the left.  Sutcliff Rd is the other end of Dean Pond Road.  Take a left here and follow until you see the parking lot gates on your left.

We will actually be going to that large pond with the dead trees later in the morning.

Please email me – look in the cc of the email that Gail sent –  or use the contact form here to let me know you are coming.



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