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Mystery of the Disappearing Dinosaurs

The Springfield Museums would like to announce the availability of a new planetarium show titled, “Mystery of the Disappearing Dinosaurs.” The show is designed for “classic” planetariums (i.e. those who use slides) and runs about 27 minutes. It is suitable for ages 8 and above.  The show images are available in digital format and the show can be adapted to digital planetariums.

“Mystery of the Disappearing Dinosaurs” tells the story of how several discoveries led scientists to conclude that a meteorite or comet crashed into the earth 65-million years ago and caused the disappearance of the dinosaurs. The show describes what life was like during the Age of Dinosaurs and explains the causes of extinctions. It tells how paleontologists learn about dinosaurs by studying fossilized bones and trace fossils and then focuses on comets, asteroids, meteors and meteorites.

The show is designed for our planetarium, which has 3 dissolve pairs of projectors across the front of the room. An accompanying spreadsheet shows how the slides are loaded in trays. We also have a special effects meteor shower projector and a special effects fireball projector. If you do not have these you might be able to substitute a slide or perhaps a video segment to simulate a similar effect.  The sample materials should help you adapt this to your planetarium.  The producer is available for advice as well.

You will be getting a set of 103 slides and a CD with the following contents:
The audio track (narration mixed with background music) as a wav file.  It does not have any time code on it.
A copy of the script annotated with the visual cues.
A document of production notes describing how we have the cues set.
A document summarizing all of the image credits.
A spreadsheet with a sample slide layout into 6 trays, 3 dissolve sets of 2 trays each.
You can opt for a CD of digital images instead of slides.

The show is priced at $650.

Show Synopsis

soundtrack sample for Mystery of the Disappearing Dinosaurs

The sample is from 3 different places in the script. The fades between these segments are not present in the actual show.

Producer: Kevin Kopchynski

Script Author: Richard Sanderson

Narration: Jack Megas

A Production of the Springfield Museums, Springfield, Massachusetts


You may contact Richard Sanderson through the Museums link above or Kevin Kopchynski using the contact form below: