Our solar system has a variety of intriguing worlds with unique characteristics. Enjoy a ramble through the solar system with NASA images featuring highlights from the latest missions. Learn about conditions on the planets and their moons. The presentation also includes computer simulations.

Following are Massachusetts Science Curriculum topics that are addressed in this program:

Earth and Space Science
Earth in the Solar System
13 Earth is a part of the “solar system” that includes the sun, planets, and many moons. Earth is the third planet from the sun.

14 Earth orbits the sun in a year’s time and rotates on its axis in approximately 24 hours. The rotation of the earth, day/night, and apparent movements of the sun, moon, and stars are connected.

Earth and Space Science
Earth in the Solar System
10 Compare and contrast properties and conditions of objects in the solar system (i.e., sun, planets, and moons) to those on Earth (i.e., gravitational force, distance from the sun, speed, movement, temperature, and atmospheric conditions).

11 Earth’s tilt and its revolution around the sun result in uneven heating, causing the seasons.

Earth and Space Science
Matter and energy in the Earth System
1.2 Describe the characteristics of electromagnetic radiation and give examples of its impact on life and Earth’s systems.

1.5 The revolution of Earth around the Sun and the inclination of Earth on its axis cause Earth’s seasonal variations.

Origin and Evolution of the Universe
4.2 Influence of gravity and inertia on the rotation and revolution of orbiting bodies; Sun- Earth-moon relationships.

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