Laughing Brook May 23 and 28

Well, it took more time than I wanted to get these pictures ready, but here it is finally. Both days were beautiful, peaceful spring mornings with gorgeous morning light. I heard a lot of birds on these trips:

Oriole                Red-bellied woodpecker               Black and white warbler
Ovenbird           Veery                                            Yellow warbler
Phoebe            Louisiana waterthrush                    Cardinal
Black-throated green warbler                                 White-breasted nuthatch
Scarlet Tanager                                                     Redstart
Yellow-rumped warbler                                           Brown creeper

I saw a small woodpecker, but not for long enough to tell if it was a Downy or a Hairy. I also heard vireos that I originally thought were Blue-headed, but after listening to Birding By Ear again I think they could have been Red-eyed. I need to re-calibrate my listening for those.

Here are some photos. I really enjoy how the greens light up in spring.

Spring Forest Detail 1

Morning light creates a variety of scenes as it plays across the forest floor.



Spring forest detail 2

More light on the forest floor



Stone wall in spring morning light

A reminder of times gone by, lighting up in the morning as it must have done many times in the past.



I took this shot of the light on some quartz but I think I got something else:

Rosy quartz - or something else?

A turtle peeking out of a stony shell?



A Pale Beauty, Campaea perlata, in the Geometrid family of moths:

Pale beauty, Campaea perlata

Perhaps newly emerged and a bit wrinkled? It is not holding the wings in the usual manner for this family. Maybe just a bit wet from the morning dew.

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