Keep Museum, May 13

Although the Keep Museum in Monson is renowned for its collection of buttons, it also has a nice trail system and some natural history displays inside. I will be doing a nature walk there this fall.

Today’s bird life started with a rose-breasted grosbeak near the parking lot and red-winged blackbirds in the nearby tree line. Approaching the trails there was a light-purple composite which I believe to be robin plantain. I would usually photograph something like this with my compact camera, but that is dead. I may have to resort to using my phone!

Out on the trails there was a yellowthroat and a prarie warbler as well as a blue-winged warbler. I was able to find a and photograph (as well as video) a chipmunk giving the alarm as I paused to watch some chickadees. There was dwarf cinquefoil in the trail as well as a lot of bluet. Highbush blueberry was also blooming along the trails.

I like photos of animals partially hidden in their habitat. This is how they lead most of their lives. The intervening foliage and branches give a sense of discovery, finding the animal in a complex environment. Of course, we do need to have a view of the head and eyes for best effect.

Chipmunk on guard

This chipmunk was sounding the alarm as I passed by.


The walk ended with a cardinal well-placed in contrasting foliage and a veery song.

Cardninal in spring foliage

This cardinal was singing in a stand of saplings with brilliant freshly-emerged foliage

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