Miller Forest, Peaked Mountain May 12

Back at the Miller forest tract of Peaked Mountain last Thursday. Right at the parking lot and field there was a cardinal, chipping sparrows, a towhee, and a bluebird in the field. The bluebirds have a nest with young in one of the boxes.

On the way to the causeway there were definitely 3 and maybe 4 ovenbirds singing. They were responding to each other, probably announcing their territories.

The catch of the day was at the causeway. The water level is low, a few mud flats are exposed, and a solitary sandpiper was foraging extensively. I got a lot of pictures. When it took off I was satisfied with what I got, but then it just flew over and landed on a closer mud flat – so I got a lot more pictures, and more satisfied. A bluejay and a red squirrel checked me out while I was doing this, and I heard a woodpecker drumming quite loudly, probably a pileated.

Around the far side of the pond and heading toward the pipeline trail there was a nuthatch, red-winged blackbird, and a yellowthroat. At the pipeline trail there were veerys down foraging and also a titmouse foraging on the ground.

I looped around Temple Brook and heard a black-throated green warbler, red-bellied woodpecker, and a couple of vireos that are probably either blue-headed or yellow-throated. I will need to listen more closely to the recordings I made.

Singing Towhee

This towhee was singing right above the trail leading from the parking lot

Bluebird studying the field

He has a few mouths to feed back at the nest and is probably looking for insects.

Veery foraging

I usually see veerys in the spring a couple of weeks before I hear them.

Foraging titmouse

At one point I saw this bird grab something.

Solitary sandpiper at the causeway

This bird spent a lot of time foraging on the mud flats.

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