Laughing Brook May 6

I went out to Laughing Brook last Friday for a quick trip. It was cloudy but no threat of rain on radar. Dwarf ginseng and large-flowered bellwort were out. There was a chipping sparrow and a bluebird in the parking lot field but no activity near the nest boxes. Over by the pond there was a red-bellied woodpecker and a Louisiana  waterthrush singing. Later I heard an ovenbird as I headed up to the upper swamp. There was one marsh marigold up there. Sadly, my picture of the marsh marigold looks to be the last picture I will take with my Nikon Coolpix point and shoot. After that shot, the lens extends and retracts a few times and the camera refuses to turn on.


Marsh marigold at Laughing Brook

The first and hopefully not only marsh marigold at Laughing Brook this year



Chipping Sparrow at Laughing Brook

Chipping Sparrow at Laughing Brook

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