Conant Brook Dam May 10

Back at Conant Brook Dam last Tuesday on a much nicer morning. A wood thrush has joined the morning songsters and a pair of red-breasted grosbeaks was foraging, with the male also singing strongly. There were herons on 2 nests with another one near a third nest. Out on the pond 2 pairs of Canada geese were having a very vocal dispute. Over on the west side of the pond an oriole sang sporadically. I got some photos of a yellow warbler and a yellow-rumped warbler. As I headed back to the car 2 families of geese were foraging in the grass. I am pretty sure that these were not the same geese that were yelling at each other. Back at the parking lot a chipping sparrow was singing and I got some pictures of him.


Yellow warbler

This yellow warbler was foraging and gave a few songs as he went.

Yellow-rumped warbler

This yellow-rumped warbler came through very close to me as I was getting photos of the yellow warbler. I was able to turn and get a few frames before he moved on.

Chipping sparrow

This chipping sparrow was singing right above the parking area as I was leaving.

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